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The Walls Hunger was made in 9 days for the University of York Devsoc Halloween Comp 2016. In it you play as an axe wielding girl as you hunt down three kids who have entered your haunted house. You must sacrifice all of them to the various wardrobes around the house in order to satiate the houses hunger and prevent it from burning up at midnight (which is in 3 minutes).


Simply unzip the zip file and click on TheWallsHunger.exe to start playing.

----Options and other features----

Due to the hurried nature of this games development no options menu is implemented however the options can be modified in the options .txt file. By default the file contains the values 800/600 corresponding to resolution, 60 corresponding to framerate and False corresponding to fullscreen mode. Altering these will change the games options upon next startup.

-Holding escape and space will end the game prematurely.

-Space to skip cutscenes.

-WASD to move.

-Left mouse button to attack.

-Right mouse button to pick up/drop corpses.

P.S. If the walls are bleeding it means you won.

----Optimised Version----

This version should be running significantly better. Also the audio lag has been fixed in this version.

Install instructions

Download TheWallsHunger.zip and extract it. Then click on TheWallsHunger.exe to start playing.


TheWallsHunger.zip 9 MB
TheWallsHunger - Optimised.zip 8 MB

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